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Become an ERP Consultant in 40 days or less

The ERP Implementation Consultant Bootcamp is a mentorship program aimed at providing you with the core skills required to function as an ERP Consultant within 40 days or less.

All videos delivered by Yemi Onigbode Oracle Certified Specialist (with 15+ years experience as an Oracle Consultant)

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What you will get

  • Cloud-based access to 180+ High Definition Videos
  • Over 150 hours of training
  • Access to thousands of training resources – worth over $10K
  • Opportunity to gain employment on live projects
  • Access to real life example Implementation templates
  • Access to real life example projects and documentations
  • Access to mentorship sessions worth over $1,000
  • Practical steps on how to get a job as an ERP Consultant
  • On the job mentorship
  • Lifetime access to training videos
  • 24/7 Access to the content
  • Free updates to the course


Become an Oracle ERP Consultant


Work as an Oracle ERP Consultant


Mentor others to become ERP Consultants

Course Outline

What you will learn

The E-Business Suite R12 Financials Implementation Consultant Bootcamp is aimed at providing you with the core skills to function as an Oracle EBS Functional / Technical Implementation Financial Consultant.

The course will cover the setup and use of the core financial modules General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payables (AP), Accounts Receivables (AR) and Oracle Cash Management (CM). The course will also cover core setup requirements from Human Resources (HR/HCM), Inventory (INV), Purchasing (PO), E-Business Tax (EBT) and Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA). You will review the standard core business processes, technical skills required to interrogate the data will be covered and some technical setup skills in System Administration will also be covered.

You will gain the skills and knowledge required in implementing the Oracle e-Business suite. You will also gain core consulting skills including functional, technical and client facing skills. You will also cover the practical steps required to get a job as an ERP Consultant

The course is scenario based mini-project with depth coverage of the core setups and use of the Financial modules.

Getting Ready
Install Environment
Installation Guide
Installation command line
Install Java Runtime Environment
Review Internet Explorer Settings
Compiling the Forms
Compile the EBS Forms
Changing the Network Adapter to Host Only

Business Blueprint
Project Plan
Resources for the Project Plan

Organization Structure
Organization Structure Template
Requirements Gathering
Resources for Gathering Requirements
Business Requirements Mapping
Resources for Mapping Business Requirements
Application Strategy
Resources for Application Strategy
Conduct CRP1 Session

Business Process
Create Process Flows
Review GAP Analysis
Resources for Gap Analysis
Functional Design
Application Setup Introduction
Resources for Application Setup
CRP2 Session Introduction

Design: Introducing Oracle Applications
Log on to the Application
Login and Preferences
Creating Favourites
Accessing Functions from Favourites
Using Forms and Menus
Navigating the Form
Create, Edit, Delete and Saving Records
Searching for Records
How to Search for Records
Using Folders and Export to Excel
Accessing Online Help
Using Application Help
Running Reports and Programs
How to Run Concurrent Programs

Design: Configure General Ledger
Accounting to Reporting Overview
Accounting Ledgers
Subledger Accounting Overview
Create User
Value Sets
Create Grant
Accounting Flexfield Structure
Create Segment Values
Accounting Calendar
Adding Additional Periods to Calendar
Review Currencies
Update Legal Entity Profile
Create Legal Entity
Create Ledger
Create Responsibility
Assign Data Access Set (DAS)
Cross Validation Rules Overview
Cross Validation Rules
Open Period

Design: Configure Human Resources
HR Key Flexfield Structure
HR Responsibility
Create Business Group
Assign Balancing Segment Value
HR Profiles
Job Key Values
Divisions and Departments
Create HR Hierarchy
Create Jobs
Create Position Key Values
Create Position
Create Position Hierarchy
Create Grades Key Values
Assign Grades to Jobs
Assign Person to User
Create Other Responsibilities
Replicate Seed Data

Design: Configure Inventory
Create Workday Calendar
Creating Default Accounts for Inventory
Creating Master Inventory Organization
Creating Inventory Organization
Create Subinventory

Design: Configure Purchasing
Create Profiles for Responsibility
Adding Inventory Organization to Location
Create Buyer
Run Fill Employee Hierarchy

Design: Configure Payables
Procure to Pay Overview
Create Financial Options
Create AP System Options
Create Payables Options
Review Payment Terms
Review Lookups
Create Tolerance
Removing Spaces at the top of the Supplier Form
Open Payables Period
Define AP Sequential Numbering
Create AP Assign Sequence
Sample Accounts Payable BR100 Document in Excel

Design: Configure Cash Management
Banks Overview
Create Access to Legal Entities
Create System Parameters
Create Bank
Create Branch
Create Account
Create Transaction Codes
Define Sequential Numbering
Create Categories for Sequential Numbering
Assigning Sequential Numbering
Create Profile Option for CM
Sample Cash Management BR100 Document in Excel

Design: Configure Payments
Supplier Payments Overview
Create Payment Document
Review and Update Disbursement System Options
AP Payment Methods
Payment Process Profile
Sample Payments BR100 Document in Excel

Design: E-Business Tax
E-Business Tax Header Page Layout
Create Party Tax Profile
Update Party Tax Profile
eBTax Profile Options
Associate OU with Legal Establishment
Update Tax Regime and Associate to OU


Design: Configure Receivables
Order to Cash Overview
Setup Item Validation Organization
System Options
Review Payment Terms
Create Transaction Types
Create Auto Accounting
Create Transaction Sources
Create Approval Limits
Create Collector
Creating Receivables Activities
Create Receipt Class
Create Receipt Source
Document Sequences for Accounts Receivable
Create Profile Class
Remove Remit to Address from System Options
Open AR Period
Run Geography Name Referencing Program

Design: Configure Collections
Create CRM Admin Responsibility
Import Employee Resource
Assign Roles to Collectors
Create Teams
Create Groups
Review Setup Checklist

Development Overview
Install BI Publisher
Install SQL Developer
Modify Accounts Receivable (AR) Sales Invoice

Debug Overview
Debug: System Integration Testing (SIT) Overview
Validate Application Accounting Definition (AAD)
Create Supplier
Create Customer
Create AP Invoice
Create AR Invoice
AR Create Accounting
GL Trial Balance
Print AR Invoice
Open AP and AR Periods
Open GL Periods
AR Create Receipt
AR Create Remittance
Post Journal in GL
AP Create Payment
Set Document Sequence for CM Responsibility
Create Bank Statement
Run CM Autoreconciliation
Reconcile Bank Statement
Create Accounting for AP, AR and CM Transactions
Create Accounting from CM
Customer Invoice to Receipt Test Script
Supplier Invoice to Payment Test Script
Bank Statement to Cash Reconciliation Test Script
Subledger to Post Test Script
Period End to Financial Reports Test Script

Delivery Overview
Training Preparation
Accounting to Reporting (A2R) Overview
Subledger Accounting (SLA) Overview
Review the Ledger – Practice
Add a New Company to the Chart of Accounts – Practice
Create a Single Journal Entry – Practice
Create a Journal Batch – Practice
Post Your Journals – Practice
Review Account Code Combinations – Practice
View Account Balances – Practice
Run Reports – Practice
Procure to Pay (P2P) Overview
Supplier Overview
Review Supplier Related Setups – Practice
Create a Supplier – Practice
Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice
Enter a Standard Invoice – Practice
Enter a Credit Memo – Practice
Bank Accounts
Set up a Bank – Practice
Accounts Payable (AP) Payments
Create a Quick Payment – Practice
Accounts Payable (AP) transfer to General Ledger (GL)
Generate Accounting and Transfer to GL – Practice
Order to Cash (O2C) Overview
Customers Overview
Create a Customer Profile Class – Practice
Create a Customer – Practice
Create a Customer Account Relationship – Practice
Accounts Receivable (AR) Manual Invoice
Create a Manual Sales Invoice – Practice
Create a Credit Memo – Practice
Accounts Receivable (AR) Receipts
Enter Manual Receipts – Practice
Apply Receipts – Practice
Accounts Receivable (AR) Transfer to General Ledger (GL)
Transfer AR to General Ledger – Practice
Bank Reconciliation
Reconcile Bank Statements – Practice

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
Register Custom Application
Create Custom Menu
Resources for the Roles and Responsibility Matrix
Data Conversion
Resources for Data Conversion
Cutover Plan
Resources for Cutover Plan
Go Live

Sample Resumes
Interview Techniques